Support to greenhouse production


The agricultural producers from the City of Bijeljina and municipalities of Ugljevik and Lopare officially received 27 greenhouses, sizes from 180 to 400 square meters, with a total area of ​​10,360 square meters. Greenhouses were donated within the scope of the project "Establishment of inter-municipal cooperation in the agricultural sector in the area of ​​Bijeljina and Lopare and Ugljevik". The project beneficiaries are thirteen vegetable growers from Semberija, and per seven from the municipalities from Ugljevik and Lopare. The project implementation was supported by the UNDP, and it was worth about 150,000KM, of which half of the funds were provided by the Swiss Embassy in BiH, and the other half by three local communities.

The Mayor of Bijeljina, Mićo Mićić, pointed out that this kind of support was of the great importance for the farmers, since their production would be now less dependent on weather conditions, and that Bijeljina, Ugljevik and Lopare would continue to coordinate activities on the agricultural production development, aiming to, as far as possible, take advantage of the existing enormous opportunities.

The representative of the Embassy of Switzerland Regula Babler remained that the Embassy has been supporting local integrated development in cities and municipalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2007 and this has been one of the most successful projects in the framework of the cooperation programs, given that, in addition to planning, had given concrete results.

The main result of this project was the establishing of the Inter-Municipal Council for Agriculture, consisting of representatives from the local self-governments of Bijeljina, Ugljevike and Lopare, agricultural producers, processors and expert services. This body will have the role of directing of resources of local authorities, governments and donors at the agricultural measures that will have the greatest impact